The Law Office of Susy Mancia limits its practice
to the field of immigration law.  Its goal is to
provide its clients with aggressive, caring,
accessible, and affordable representation for their
immigration concerns.

The Law Office of Susy Mancia focuses on a wide-
variety of immigration representation and
litigation, including but not limited to the
aggressive and thorough litigation of cases,
Adjustments of Legal Status proceedings, NACARA
representation proceedings, Consular Processing,
Citizenship applications, Temporary Protected
Status (TPS) requests, Asylum petitions,
Cancellation of Removal applications, VAWA
requests, Immigration Waivers, Deportation
Defense, and the filing of appeals with the Board
of Immigration Appeals.

By limiting her practice to immigration law,
Attorney Susy Mancia has made it her life’s work to
achieve the best results possible for her clients. Ms.
Mancia’s  devotion to immigration law assures that
her clients have an attorney who is familiar with all
aspects of this complex field of law and allows
herself to keep abreast of its latest developments to
best serve her clients’ interests. The Law Office of
Susy Mancia assures that its clients are fully aware
of the status of their case and the options available
to them at all times.

Attorney Susy Mancia (who herself immigrated into
the United States as a child) knows how emotional
the immigration process can be for her clients and  
prides herself on assuring that her clients have a
strong advocate who is accessible to them at all
times.  In furtherance of this goal, the Law Office
of Susy Mancia is located in
the heart of Santa
Ana, California, so that her Orange County-based
clients can easily access the office and it regularly
has extended and weekend office hours to
accommodate the busy schedules of its clients
from other counties
Law Office of Susy Mancia